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With over twenty-five years experience in the office supply business, K&K has learned many lessons, none more important than always putting the customer's needs  first.  With this simple time-tested philosophy, our family-owned business, has continued to grow in spite of the rise of the "big-box store" and its impersonalized mass-marketing techniques. 
    We share only one concept with these stores and that is extremely competitive discounted prices. While these stores are driven by volume, our success is driven by taking the time to know our customers and being sensitive to their individual needs.  While the big box stores cringe at the thought of special requests, we embace them as an opportunity to shine. While the profits from the big box stores find their way out of our area, we reinvest ours in our area mutiplying the positive economic impact of doing business with a local company.   
     It is this sensitivity to our customers needs that has brought us to the development of our web-based store. Every effort has been made to make the use of this site as easy and intuitive as possible but even with that we realize that questions and special needs are going to arise.  We encourage you to call us so we can take your issue or concern and make it ours and resolve it to your complete satisfaction.
    With this innovation, the method of ordering has changed but our same time-tested philosophy of putting your satisfaction first remains the same.
    So find out what its like to enjoy the savings without sacrificing the service.  We look forward to working for you.

  • Free next day delivery
  • No minimum order ($) amount for free delivery
  • Competitive discounted pricing
  • Deskside delivery
  • No risk 30 day return policy with original packaging
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